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Sustainable development

On December 4th 2012 Oslo became one of four new members of C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) along with Vancouver, Venice and Washington DC.

Oslo’s sustainability efforts range from implementing energy efficiency upgrades, targeting aggressive greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and reducing waste streams through comprehensive management, to pursuing a progressive transportation policy that includes electric vehicles as well as natural gas and hydrogen fuels. The city, which currently holds the title for the European continent’s smallest per capita carbon footprint, hopes to be a resource for C40 members with respect to transit and electric vehicle deployment.  

We respond to climate change by making a global commitment and by taking local action. Our vision is to move Oslo from a low carbon city to one that has zero emissions, and we are committed to achieving a long term and continuous transformation towards this goal. Cities will play a crucial role in achieving substantial Greenhouse Gas Reductions. It is important for Oslo to take part in the C40 network to exchange experiences and learn from other cities that show leadership and are willing to stand up against global warming. We wish to contribute actively to the network with our knowledge and experience.

—Governing Mayor, Stian Berger Røsland.

Read the press release from the Governing Mayor (pdf)

Oslo aims to be a sustainable urban community where everyone has a right to clean air, clean water and access to attractive outdoor recreation areas.

The City of Oslo has adopted a focused and long-term approach to improving the environment. Oslo’s status as an international sustainable city was confirmed when it reached the finals of the European Green Capital Award in 2010/11.

Clear overall targets establish the framework for taking effective and successful action to help the environment.   The city will actively put into force approved strategies and plans and implement them in the Master Municipal Plan and other policy documents. The Climate Action Plan 2012 – 2015 will ensure that priority measures are implemented so that the main goals in the city’s environmental policy are achieved.   

By 2030 the City of Oslo aims to have reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, compared to 1991 levels. The key steps for achieving this target are linked to the phasing out of oil-fired heating and reducing emissions from road transport. All use of fossil fuels for central heating is being phased out and by 2020 there should be zero emissions from heating of buildings.  The City of Oslo will play a part in helping the utility company reach its target of eliminating the use of fossil fuel in its district heating system by 2016.

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